Time Flies....

Wah......in a blink of eyes....we are almost at the end of 2009 already....feels like 2009 just started yesterday or so..

Since I'm a lil free now....as well just write something unspecial and special that happen to me so far throughtout the pass 10 months.

January 2009
Back to college study to get my Diploma cert

Febuary 2009
Heartbroken by someone just a day before CNY and back to work on my 3rd day of CNY

March 2009
Finally get to meet up with Shirley & Michelle from Sibu & Kch respectively and detour around KL with them

April 2009
Nothing much happen in this month except work and study

May 2009
1st time went to MOS and had a phobia which causes me to abstain from going in there again if I could.

June 2009
Sat for my 1st External Paper for LCCI cert

July 2009
taken up the courage to go pierce another ear hole ;P

August 2009
Melaka trip with family for 3 days 2 nights
Went up to Genting on 31 Augusts and watches fireworks with "someone" ever for the 1st time
Celebrated Boon's Birthday at LOP and Clubbing later on
Went to PD with my gf and Tan myself darker to more like a malay girl when I'm already like one =.=

September 2009
Celebrated Chun Mun and Gilbert's Birtday

October 2009
Sat for another 3 External LCCI paper
Went to Bukit Tinggi the detoured to Genting Highland with Wil dear, Boon, Chun Mun and Aaron dear.
Celebrated Mummy dearest Birthday, Aaron dear birthday and KK birthday

hahahah....Basically thats wat I've been doing for now....for nov & dec updates.....maybe later lar...dun know wat my event that be lining up for it yet.

So for time being that's for now....will update again real soon :)


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Haha, your life sounds crazy like mine!

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